Vital Information Regarding Great Australian Businesses

Working from home does not mean spending your days plugged into your home computer or stuffing envelopes. If you crave more action in your workday but want the same terrific benefits that working from home can inject into your life, then it is time to think out of your box. For savvy business people nearly any niche or product can be turned into a profitable business built to suit its owner’s preferences. The key to increasing the likelihood of your new business venture being a success is to create one in an area that is not currently being served. Although tag sales, also commonly referred to as yard sale, garage sales or estate sales, have long been popular ways for Aussies to raise money while cleaning out their garages and basements, there are surprisingly few tag sale or estate sale organizers available to help busy Australians plan these events successfully. As you grow your reputation for profitable events you will be thrilled by the financial benefits that you will enjoy. Read on for the pertinent information on how to start this exciting new home based business.

Cover The Business Basics Before Starting To Get Down To Business. Now that you have decided to become a tag sale organizer you may be tempted to start knocking on the doors of your neighbours and friends so that you can offer your services. Before you begin advertising or working, though, it is a good idea to decide on what name you want to operate your new home based business under and then file the appropriate paperwork to obtain the licenses and insurance necessary. Depending on where you live and work, offering your professional services otherwise may be illegal. As a result, you could find yourself forced to pay off hefty fines. Before beginning to operate your business, you also will need to set up some basic business marketing and informational materials. Although this is not an online business per se, in today’s high tech environment you will need to have a fully functional and informative website. Make sure that your new homepage features information about your services, qualifications and, most importantly, how to contact you for more information. Provide a phone number as well as an e-mail address so that clients have multiple venues for getting in touch. Do not forget to list your new website address on your new business cards, stationery and other marketing materials.

Tag And Estate Sale Organizers Serve Many Different Needs. Although you may think that all tag sales and rummage sales are the same, the truth is that your new business will be able to provide valuable services to a wide variety of different audiences. Estate sales typically involve helping bereaved family members sort through a beloved deceased family member’s house or apartment followed by coordinating a sale of unwanted items. Often, while still deep in mourning many people would prefer to hand over the keys to a house filled with decades of belongings to a competent professional like yourself rather than go through the trauma of sifting through the items themselves. For these jobs, you can expect to earn a flat fee for preparing the house for sale followed by a commission.

Other tag sales may still require you to spend some time sorting through a room, basement or series of storage units in order to identify the items which are worthy of selling and those which should be donated or thrown out instead. Although these sales are on a smaller scale, you can expect more participation from your client, who will tell you which items he or she wants to keep as well as any relevant history. Cleaning, transporting, packing and pricing the items, though, will all be your responsibility. The income that you earn as a commission of the sale will compensate your for the time you spend preparing a clients’ items for it.

What Does A Percentage Of A Sale Really Mean? Taking a percentage of the income from the sale of the items sold at a tag sale or estate sale might sound like you are setting yourself up to make very little money. When you agree to take on a job on commission there is a risk that the revenue from the sale of the client’s items will not generate enough money to justify your time. With good pricing of the items that you find, though, you can be confident that you will more than earn your desired income.

As you continue to learn more about different collectibles, such as Art Deco lamps, certain makes of porcelain, antique decorative items, retro furniture and other treasures that might be found in your clients’ closets, basements and attics, you will be better able to price them to get as much income as possible. Using the Internet to research the value of different items will help you to increase your accuracy.